Dreamers Welcome

Here at Chabot College there is a special program named The Dream Center. According to Coordinator Maria Gutierrez, “The Chabot Dream Center provides Bilingual (English/Spanish) support, resources, information and referrals for all Dreamer, undocumented, AB 540, and DACA students and allies.  All are welcome here.  You are not alone. We’re in this together.”

Dream Center Event Photo Courtesy of Remi Ramos

One of the program’s biggest goals is to be able to provide a safe and confidential space where students feel more confident in continuing to pursue their academic goals. According to peer guide Citlali Hernandez, “Having a place like the dream center is great because it’s a program that addresses one of the most important situations this country faces in regards of immigration status.” She continues, “In the Dream Center, undocumented students can be heard, look for assistance and academic guidance, and most importantly, feel safe and Comfortable. Confidentiality is secured here. Everyone is welcome to learn about us, and in doing so, helps the community grow, be noticed and be acknowledged by many more.”

Chabot College student Kevin frequently seeks assistance from The Dream Center. When Kevin was asked about the importance of this program he stated, “I feel grateful for the program. Without it, I wouldn’t feel that it was the right decision to attend school. They’ve helped me by giving me information I needed to feel more confident about attending Chabot and college in general as an undocumented student.” 

Coordinator Maria understands the importance of undocumented students being comfortable in attending college. “We want students to know they belong at Chabot College regardless of immigration status. We hope to foster a sense of belonging in an environment that allows them to be their authentic self.”

In addition to the resources they provide, they also have ‘The Dreamers Club’. The goal of this club is to support, inform and represent undocumented students and allies at Chabot College. “The club is student lead and open to all undocumented students regardless of immigration status. Our first meeting is September 22, 2022 in person at the 700S conference room (in front of the Dream Center). Not only are we welcoming new members, but we are searching for a treasurer and ICC representative. Club Topics & Activities include: Post-election Update, AB-540/ SB 68, DACA, CA Dream Act, Financial Aid/Scholarships for Dreamers, Transfer Resources for Dreamers, High School Outreach, Immigration Workshops, Fundraising, Field Trips, Potlucks & Social Events

Students can contact The Dream Center via email: [email protected] phone: 5109361151. Students can also follow them on instagram or facebook @chabotdreamcenter. 

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