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No Couches in the 2300 Lobby

In the 2300s building at Chabot College, couches that were previously placed there for students have been removed by Arnold Paguio director of Student Life, because of complaints about the rude behavior of students and neglect of courtesy. The lobby has been replaced with hard plastic boxes to sit on, small tables and this has left students disappointed and filled with questions. The couches were part of a furniture upgrade sometime between 2012-2014.

Although many students may think that their behavior wasn’t the issue when using the couches, there has been an improvement in behavior from students since the couches were replaced by the boxes. Paguio stated, “Couches were removed due to complaints about the behavior of students in the lobby. Complaints had been coming into my office for over a year and to the point where people did not feel comfortable sitting in the lobby, walking through the lobby, using the tabling area, entering the building.”

When asked about what specific behavior was causing the couches to be removed Paguio responded, “With the number of complaints we received, to point out specific behaviors from complaints would probably just oversimplify the issues.”

With the couches removed, many feel as if their privileges are also being taken away. When speaking to Chabot student Christian Soriano, he said, “We pay to take classes here at Chabot College and for our student life director to take the couches away without us knowing is like a stab in the back.”

Chabot College student Mick Sanders is one of the students that missed the couch in the 2300 lobby stated, “I like hanging on the couches in case I need to do some homework or just a chilling spot when I’m tired from practice. I wish someone could bring them back.”

Concerned student David Faria stated, “I’d like to point out the couches were by the cafeteria. I realize it’s loud but that was supposed to be our space too. We pay a fair amount for intuition just to be here that’s not fair to me or the students here at Chabot.”

When asked about whether the couches would ever be placed back in the 2300 lobby Paguio stated, “We are always open to feedback, but so far the switch in furniture appears to be an improvement so we are not inclined to make another change.”

Besides the couches in the 2300 lobby, there are a few other resting stops on Chabot campus for students to enjoy their free time (The Balcony above the cafeteria, and the Library). Even though there may be other places where students can spend their time, it doesn’t beat a place as comfortable as a couch. The couches served as a place where students can sit or lay down calm and relaxed before they were stressed out from grades, midterms, homework, finals and even life generally.