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Chabot Beats Skyline in Men’s Basketball

The Chabot men’s basketball team won 104-87 against Skyline on Jan. 25.

Sophomores Jaiden Rivera and David Hector were the two Chabot players that scored the most points during the game scoring 19 and 18 points, respectively. Freshman starter Diggy Winbush also stood out by scoring 15 points and getting four assists. 

Chabot men’s basketball player David Hector, number 20, at the free throw line making both shots with two Chabot teammates and three Skyline opponents.

After the game, David Hector and Jaiden Rivera — numbers 20 and 32, respectively — agreed that their overall defense could be improved going into the next game. 

As for their individual performances, the players were almost overly critical of themselves — even despite winning the game. Freshman shooting guard Zachary Broadous, number 13, stated that he felt like he performed “below average” for what he usually does; however, he was hopeful that he’d perform better in their next games. 

Broadous added, “next game, I would make sure to slow down, hit my shots, and be more aggressive — both offensively and defensively.” 

Although they may have seemed somewhat disappointed in their performances, all of the players I spoke with said they felt confident going into the game. Hector said, “I was just worried about winning.” 

Since the Jan. 25 game, the men’s basketball team has played one game against Foothill College, in which they won 93-87. 

Keenan Mcmiller, the head coach for the men’s basketball team, stated that the team’s success could be attributed to many things. He made sure to highlight qualities like the team’s ability to encourage each other, their willingness to share the ball when the offense is in, and only a few turnovers as the main reasons they have been so successful this season. 

Another quality that Coach McMiller emphasized was support among the teammates and the community. With the team being undefeated at home, including their win in last night’s game, it’s clear that the Chabot community’s support significantly impacts their performance. Coach McMiller added that the team was “getting there,” especially since they’ve been continuously winning games. 

Chabot students should look forward to the basketball games this season, argues McMiller, because the players play with pride and determination — something that students can relate to. 

As far as team support, the members of the men’s basketball team are all extremely close, acting more like a family than a team. This is in large part due to the frequent preseason trips that the team had the opportunity to go on, which doubled as bonding experiences for them. Taking trips along the coast, from Los Angeles to schools up north, helped the team learn to adapt & work with each other on and off the court — and boosted team morale. 

Support and bonding aside, the team has earned much of its success simply because they work hard. With three-hour practices every day, it is no surprise that the team is as strong and in sync as they are. 

This strength can also be seen off the court as they devote their downtime to their academic studies. For Coach McMiller and the rest of the basketball team, academic success is critical. 

Student-athletes are expected to maintain at least a 2.5 grade-point average and have to participate in four hours of study hall per week in the learning connection center, as well as turning in weekly progress reports. 

The learning connection center located in building 100 is an excellent resource for all students here at Chabot, according to Coach McMiller, and is one of the things that sets Chabot apart from other community colleges. The fact that the learning centers aren’t oversaturated and that the learning connection community constantly strives to serve students and athletes better makes Chabot special.