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Corona Impacts the Entertainment Industry

The coronavirus also known as COVID-19 is an equal opportunity disaster. The virus has the whole world closing up shop. 

The outbreak has not only affected the working-class jobs horrifically, but it has also taken away something the world has grown accustomed to: entertainment.

“This is going to have a broad impact on most of the sectors in all of the economies of the world, but entertainment will be particularly hard hit,” says veteran media analyst Hal Vogel in an interview with U.S. entertainment magazine Variety.  

According to qz.com, the universal stamp of the film and television production industry is more likely susceptible to infection. With a higher risk of escalating the virus, due to how much traffic is typically needed to make a movie. 

During a variety.com interview Jesse Tyler Ferguson, star of “Take Me Out” expressed that “the thought of rehearsing for something that no one would even get to see is heartbreaking.”

A good portion of film sets are now requiring that their makeup artists and hairstylists only touch performers with gloves and masks on. “People are scared right now,” says Vogel “the big issue in my mind, and it’s not answerable yet, is how long will this go on and will it intensify?”

The outbreak has landed on the cusp of a variety of paramount international film events and each of them has been canceled or postponed, leaving the organizations, the venues, and the patrons with issues that no one has the answers to yet.

Analysts estimate that COVID-19 has already cost the global box office approximately five billion dollars, predominantly due to the closure of theaters in China, Japan, South Korea, Italy, and France.

In the United States alone, the death toll has risen since the beginning of the outbreak and is continuously on the rise, with over 3,400 people testing positive for COVID-19, celebrities included. 

In the eyes of society, celebrities are on the lines of mythical creatures. They are unstoppable, resilient, and not like the average citizen. So when Tom Hanks, Prince Charles, Kevin Durant, and Idris Elba tested positive for the virus the world opened their eyes to just how serious COVID-19 is and how it doesn’t discriminate on your status. 

Rapper Cardi B took to Instagram live with a video about how celebrities are confusing the public by going to get tested for COVID-19.  “If a celebrity is saying, ‘Hey, listen. I don’t have no symptoms. I’m feeling good…., but I want and got tested and I’m positive for the coronavirus, that causes confusion.” 

Cardi B then goes on to say that “45” referring to President Donald Trump is advising citizens not to get tested if you don’t have any associated symptoms yet it seems like celebrities are exempt. Which once again causes confusion.

If you not feeling sick, there no need to go get tested. You are putting yourself at risk and lucky going to spread the virus. 

The chaotic impact of the coronavirus is affecting every territory of the cultural and entertainment scene with no cure or vaccine in sight. The outbreak has caused worldwide panic for everyone.