Complete Streets Initiative

One does not need to look far to see the less than stellar state of Hayward’s streets. The cracked streets are very much apparent and are in need of repair. Thankfully, an initiative is in place to improve the streets and sidewalks of Hayward.

The Complete Streets Initiative aims to improve the streets of Hayward and the Tennyson corridor, as well as to keep pedestrians safe. The initiative also plans to improve biking paths and sidewalks, as well as repaving roads and filling potholes of many streets in Hayward including Tennyson Road. Union City resident Arturo Soto agrees. He’s seen terrible road conditions on Industrial Blvd, as well as Mission Road. Arturo also pointed out that lower income areas generally tend to get less roadwork.

Teaming up with Smart Growth America, an organization whose mission is to advocate for federal policies and programs that support neighborhood development, 1,140 agencies nationwide are adopting the initiative to provide for a better environment for their communities.

The Complete Streets Initiative launched in 2004, planning to “…promotes the implementation of Complete Streets policies and professional practices,” according to the Smart Growth America website. Hayward is also partnering with Bike East Bay for better, protected cycling lanes.

Vision Zero Network, an organization committed to helping communities increase traffic safety, also partnered with the project. The Vision Zero strategy was first successfully implemented in Sweden in the 1990’s and was also proven successful across Europe.

Their approach included preventing traffic deaths while applying normal human faults, while also reworking transportation systems to prevent fatal car crashes, as well as widening roads and sidewalks. Pedestrian safety was a priority, entire intersections were reworked, including bike lanes.

The Complete Streets Initiative also includes the Complete Communities Strategic Initiative. The Complete Communities Initiative aims to improve Hayward so that it may become a better, thriving place to live for people of every citizen, family, and employee.

Transportation Manager, Fred Kelly, explains that these three initiatives work together. Complete Streets, Complete Communities and Tennyson corridor all overlap in certain fields. “There will be efforts to see what we view as a vision of Tennyson road.” The initiative includes protected bike lanes, the number, and width of traffic lanes as well as sidewalks.

The Complete Streets initiative, along with the Tennyson Corridor and the Complete Communities Initiative is one of the most important steps to making the overall Hayward community and the Tennyson corridor a better place.

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