What Has Disappeared

If you’ve been to South Hayward recently, you’ve probably noticed the plethora of shutdown business. Whether you’ve fond nostalgic memories of Holiday Bowl or received critical services from the now-closed Kaiser hospital, many residents have felt the impact of disappearing businesses.

Kaiser Hospital once provided emergency medical services to all of Hayward and beyond. Although there are a few emergency care clinics located in South Hayward like St. Francis Urgent Care Center, the options are not as good. As Franchesica  a first-year sociology major put it, “I was born there, and it sucks to see it close.”

Many things that once brought joy to the residents of South Hayward are now gone. The most prominent monument to disappearing businesses is the Holiday Bowl which closed in 2005. It is currently overgrown with vegetation. Plans are in place to tear down the facility and put 72 townhouses in its place. Residents now need to travel to San Ramon or Fremont to go bowling.

Another famous closed business Valle Vista Skating rink which was open from 1950-2003. After it closed down it became a location for migrants and homeless until it burnt down in 2008, no one was harmed. Now residents have to go to the skate park in north Hayward or drive all the way to San Ramon “Golden Skate Rink” to get an authentic skating rink experience.

Over the years many industries have closed down all over Hayward often moving to more affordable states. One of the recent loses is the Gillig Bus manufacturer that took over 850 jobs to Livermore after deciding that it “outgrew” its Hayward location.

“What community,” said a local Hayward resident when interviewed by a student as part of the community outreach project. This proved to be a common trend when Professor McFarland’s class conducted their interviews with South Hayward residents.

One thing’s for certain there’s a growing sense of isolation in South Hayward as many residents perceive the city is continuing to focus on the downtown area. But with new grant money available and the new effort by the city to bring businesses to South Hayward the future may be better.

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