Women’s Basketball

The Chabot College women’s basketball team has been gaining a lot of traction over the last few years by having an all-star defense, and Grade A offense. Our Lady Gladiators, give us something to look forward to when we watch them play. Coming off some great wins last year, the team hopes to start fresh while continuing to have a winning mindset when this season begins. Not only are they receiving recognition from students and faculty, but players from the men’s team support them as well.

Chabot students, Lamont Jackson and Quiana Stevens gave insight on how they currently feel about the team’s chances. Jackson stated, “The girl’s hoop team needs more praise for how hard they play, and they deserve as much support as the boy’s team gets.” Stevens stated, “It’s beyond exciting while watching them in action, and it’s also great to see them balling out.”

Mykal Anderson, from the Chabot men’s basketball team, has high expectations for the women this year. Anderson said, “I never paid attention to girls basketball like that, but once I saw the girls head coach drain six 3’s in a row to win the Chabot 3 point shooting contest, I was tuned in.” Another boys basketball player, Levy Deplush was also impressed with the performance of the women’s coach. He said “She went crazy! I knew if that is their coach then they are definitely in good hands.”

The center for Chabot’s women’s basketball team, Ferrynn Steen, is looking forward to competing for a championship this season. Steen said, “I expect the team to be pretty good, but not the best. We’re a team with all freshman and no returners, so we have our work cut out for us, but we’re going to work hard every time we step on the court.”

Knowing that there is a brand-new group of players shouldn’t bring doubts but, should raise curiosity. There’s no question that our team will give us their all in each game. Our women understand they have big shoes to fill and they plan on doing that and then some. This season should be exciting and gives our school the fresh new look of our Lady Gladiators.

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