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Earth Week

Earth Day is a global holiday that many take pride in celebrating each year.

With the holiday being right around the corner there are several things we should do to get prepared for it.

Sidnea Nguyen, a current Chabot student, said, “Earth day is the one day out of the year where everyone should make sure plastic and paper are being put in the right place. Littering is never ok, but at least for the sake of pollution we should all come together and make this day mean something”.

Earth day is important because just picking something up or recycling something can go a long way.

Sara Trevor, stated, “ The work we do on Earth day is cool, but that should be work we do every day. I know not everyone will agree, but I feel like we could all do our parts and try a little better to stop pollution”.

Besides throwing away trash and helping to pick up litter, there are several other things you can do to prepare or participate in Earth day.

One way to save plastic would be using a refillable water bottle on a daily basis so that water bottles aren’t wasted.

An effective way to stop pollution would be carpooling to work instead of driving by yourself. Not only does it save you gas but it could help save the world as well. Switching up your lifestyle or just tweaking the things you already do can create a safer and greener earth for everyone to live in.

Starting on Monday, April 16th, Chabot will be providing activities and information all week long to get as many people aware of how they can save the earth as possible.

Earth Week 2018

Women’s Basketball

The Chabot College women’s basketball team has been gaining a lot of traction over the last few years by having an all-star defense, and Grade A offense. Our Lady Gladiators, give us something to look forward to when we watch them play. Coming off some great wins last year, the team hopes to start fresh while continuing to have a winning mindset when this season begins. Not only are they receiving recognition from students and faculty, but players from the men’s team support them as well.

Chabot students, Lamont Jackson and Quiana Stevens gave insight on how they currently feel about the team’s chances. Jackson stated, “The girl’s hoop team needs more praise for how hard they play, and they deserve as much support as the boy’s team gets.” Stevens stated, “It’s beyond exciting while watching them in action, and it’s also great to see them balling out.”

Mykal Anderson, from the Chabot men’s basketball team, has high expectations for the women this year. Anderson said, “I never paid attention to girls basketball like that, but once I saw the girls head coach drain six 3’s in a row to win the Chabot 3 point shooting contest, I was tuned in.” Another boys basketball player, Levy Deplush was also impressed with the performance of the women’s coach. He said “She went crazy! I knew if that is their coach then they are definitely in good hands.”

The center for Chabot’s women’s basketball team, Ferrynn Steen, is looking forward to competing for a championship this season. Steen said, “I expect the team to be pretty good, but not the best. We’re a team with all freshman and no returners, so we have our work cut out for us, but we’re going to work hard every time we step on the court.”

Knowing that there is a brand-new group of players shouldn’t bring doubts but, should raise curiosity. There’s no question that our team will give us their all in each game. Our women understand they have big shoes to fill and they plan on doing that and then some. This season should be exciting and gives our school the fresh new look of our Lady Gladiators.

2017 Chabot Homecoming

As Chabot college’s Homecoming football game approaches, October 21, the anticipation is all over the faces of the players as well as the coaching staff. Rumors have surfaced around campus that there will be a homecoming dance and a beer garden!

I couldn’t believe it, so I asked around the school to see if others knew or have heard about these ideas. I had conversations with some players from the team and also some students who seemed interested in the rumors or were excited about homecoming.

Jocquil Veazey, an incoming freshman on campus, is ecstatic to participate in this seasons football games in general. He stated, “I feel good about homecoming. I feel like it’s gonna be a good year.” Veazey also said, “ I haven’t heard anything about a dance or beer garden happening, but I hope one does!”.

Current right guard for the team, Andre Johnson is finishing his second year at Chabot and is prepared to give his all in every game he gets a chance to play. Andre, can’t explain how prepared he is to get back on our home field and not only play but win this year’s homecoming game. He stated, “I honestly feel bad for the team we’re going to face because we’re mentally and physically prepared to defeat them by any means necessary. I can’t wait for the homecoming game because this is the first time I’ll be able to compete in one so I’m really excited.”

It seems that the allegations for the dance and possible beer garden seem far-fetched to most people on campus. Chabot is known to have a very low tolerance for alcohol on campus let alone anywhere near it, so having an event with alcohol seems more like a dream than reality.

I got an interesting perspective on the homecoming rumors from a former student, Kala’i Pokini, who also played for the team. He said “I can’t believe I’m not going to be able to play with the school this year, Chabot was my second home, and I wish luck upon all my brothers while they fight to win every game. I find it funny how they even want to throw ideas out in the open about a party and alcohol once I leave. I hope neither of the rumors happen so that way I won’t feel so left out.”

Another former student from Chabot, Raniyah Stengel, who doesn’t participate in any on-campus activities, said she had no idea we even had a homecoming game, to begin with. Bullock stated, “ It doesn’t matter what they do before or after the game to me because I probably won’t go anyway. I don’t want to hate on the team or the activities that might take place because they do sound fun, but personally, I probably wouldn’t attend them.”

To put all rumors to rest I was able to get in contact with Sharon Deng, the Student Senate VP. Deng stated, “Yes, we are doing homecoming this year. There will be a beer garden but not a dance.” Homecoming raised a lot of hopes and brought up a lot of what if’s. Although we will not be having a dance, we will have a beer garden, and we’ll also have an exciting game to look forward too. It’s only fitting that we put our focus back on the importance of cheering on our fellow Gladiators to lead our school to another victory!

Life Goes On Foundation

The Life Goes On foundation is a nonprofit organization responsible for changing lives and providing support for disabled Americans from all walks of life. The founder, a former Chabot graduate, Arthur Renowitzky, has a disability himself, and instead of making excuses, he turned his biggest challenge into an even bigger advantage.

One person this organization had an impact on is current Chabot student, Imani Bullock. She doesn’t have a disability but learning about the LGO project, has changed her outlook on certain situations. Bullock stated, “ I always thought life was more difficult for people with disabilities, but I’ve found their lives to be very similar to mine. Simply by having conversations and getting to know people beyond their disabilities, was a great experience for me.”

I also spoke with another Chabot student, Sara Schillinger, who knew nothing about the LGO project until we spoke about it. I explained what LGO stood for and why it was important to spread the word about it, and Schillinger instantly became excited. She said, “I’m glad I got a chance to learn about this foundation, and I’m glad they are providing resources to help people with disabilities feel more comfortable in their environment.” Schillinger is excited to see this project continue to grow and gain supporters.

The LGO foundation has touched lives in the San Lorenzo community as well. A few months ago LGO released a small YouTube commercial that took place at a local gym, Crunch San Lorenzo. David Rider a Crunch employee stated. “LGO is the beginning of something great and the sky’s the limit when it comes to helping others. I appreciate them for choosing our gym to shoot their commercial and I hope they continue to use their platform for the good of the people. I can’t express enough how much this project is going to change lives, and I’m just glad I got to witness some of it happen. A haven for people with disabilities was much needed, and I’m glad it happened sooner rather than later.”

Arthur Renowitzky went out and set a goal to make a point that people with disabilities work just as hard if not harder than people who don’t. Renowitzky stated, “The thing that inspires me to help people is the fact that after my injury I wanted to turn this negative situation into a positive and share my story in hopes of inspiring others who are also going through a difficult time in their lives.”

For people to learn more about the foundation, you can go to the website and read more about their mission and to join the cause you can sign up as an ambassador at

MTV Video Music Awards

Award shows often provide us with entertainment and a glimpse into the life of the rich and powerful. Although that is true, MTV’s Video Music Awards and BET’s Black Girls Rock Celebration, also provided insight and value into an array of lives who tuned in to watch their shows.

The VMA’s are known for its mind-blowing performances and celebrities most outrageous yet stunning outfits, but a much bigger issue stole the show. While the Black Girls Rock award celebration didn’t focus on the same issue, it had a similar impact on the viewers of the VMA’s had.

MTV’s Video Music Awards took a serious turn from its spectacular performances when they allowed rapper Logic, Singer Alessia Cara, and singer Khalid to come out and perform a song dedicated to uplift and allow a voice for any and everyone who’s ever thought about or attempted suicide. BET’s Black Girls Rock celebration created a safe place for African American females to be themselves without judgment by allowing women such as Solange Knowles, Issa Rae, and Yara Shahidi to approach the stage, and share their experiences of overcoming struggles and sharing stories on how to deal with self-doubt and self-worth.

While talking with a fellow Chabot student, Brandon Byrd, he told me they both impacted him. Brandon stated, “I can’t say which Award Show I enjoyed more because they were equally powerful, watching them made me second guess some of my own decisions, I hope they both continue to discuss similar topics in the future.”

I had another conversation with a student, Elizabeth Gutierrez. She was excited to share her thoughts with me. Gutierrez said, “ I didn’t get a chance to watch either award show but I read about the speeches that were given at the Black Girls Rock celebration, and I was impressed. I also watched some clips on YouTube of the performances and award recipients. It was enjoyable to see women of color being appreciated and honored.”

Although I wasn’t able to directly get an interview with any of the staff from each show, I did get access to some quotes from a few reporters that released them to the public. Sydney Scott from Essence magazine covered the Black Girls Rock celebration, and after the youngest participant received her award, Scott stated, “ Yara Shahidi calls for black women to own their identities in inspiring Black Girls Rock acceptance speech.”

On the VMA’s, I was able to use a quote from Mark Braboy from Vibe magazine. Braboy stated, “Logic gave the most emotion-stirring performance at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards on Aug 27. With the help of fellow artists Alesia Cara and Khalid, the rapper perfumed one of this most significant hits to date, “1-800-273-8255.” Accompanied by a stage full of suicide survivors wearing white T-shirts the trio made sure there was not a dry eye in the house as they drove his heartwarming point home”.

According to the website,, after his performance, Logic said, “I believe that we are all born equal but we are not treated equally, and that is why we must fight for the equality of every man, woman, and child regardless of race, religion, color, creed, or sexual orientation.” Most would say he did a good job getting his message heard.