Chabot Transfer Center

The Chabot College Transfer Center, located in building 700, is a great resource for students who plan on moving forward to a four-year university. The transfer center’s mission is to “support students through the transfer process from exploring and applying so you can achieve and earn your bachelor’s degree.” They also encourage students to “become experts of their own transfer path by providing information, resources, services, and learning opportunities so students can make informed decisions about their transfer goals and destinations.”

The transfer center provides students with a plethora of resources, including: 

  • Connections with university transfer representatives, transfer guarantee programs, Chabot College counselors, and programs.
  • Workshops for CSU, UC, Private/Out-of-State transfer, application assistance, Funding Your Transfer Education, Transfer Transitions, Transfer Admission Guarantees, UC Personal Insight Questions.
  • Transfer guides, application tips, handouts, university view books.
  • Computer lab with a print station (print card needed) to do your homework, conduct transfer research, and apply to transfer schools and scholarships.

In addition to these resources, the Transfer Center provides students with “Transfer Tuesdays”. This workshop provides students with Online transfer tools to research transfer options, and university majors, monitor transfer progress, and how to connect with prospective transfer destination schools. This workshop is every Tuesday from noon to 1:30 p.m. Students can register for these workshops on the “Transfer Tuesday” page”  on

Chabot college student Chris has frequently sought help from the transfer center. “I’m thankful for having a resource like this available on campus. I would feel very lost throughout the process without their help. They have given me great advice on what schools I should look at in regards to my major, have also provided help with personal insight questions. I highly encourage students who plan on transferring to take time out of their day and go visit the transfer center. You won’t regret it.

The Transfer Center also urges students to meet with their counselor. Program instructor Francis Fon states, “Your university representatives, counselors, and instructors have an immense amount of knowledge and recommendations. It is good practice to meet regularly throughout your time at Chabot as each session will result in you refining your plan and making progress toward your goal. Also, make sure to attend ​​the Transfer Application Workshop Series for help making sense of admissions offers, denials, waitlists, financial aid awards, and  enrollment decision deposits.

Students can contact the Transfer center via email: [email protected], Phone: (510) 274-1550. Services are available Monday – Thursday from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Image courtesy of Franes Fon

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