Chabot Wins 1st Place at Film Festival

The My Hero International Film Festival brings together professional and student filmmakers to honor heroes from around the world and to discover inspiring people who are making a difference in our world. This year, Chabot College won first place for the best music video. The Chabot College-based group, Justice Arts Collective submitted their video, “From Mt. Tamalpais to Fruitvale Station.” Along with their award and recognition, the group was also invited to perform at the film festival. On November 11, after traveling from Hayward to Laguna Beach, The Justice Arts Collective or JAC was ready to amplify the inspirational vibes.
The JAC should seem familiar to you as they were featured in a previous publication and are made up of students and Counselor/Professors Juztino Panella and Tommy Reed. The group also has members outside of Chabot College such as community-based poet Jahan Khalighi, and musician Brandon Vance. A few students who have transferred from Chabot are Saxophonist Sean Funcheon and Poet Alan Roberson.
“The Justice Arts Collective exists because of a shared desire among Chabot College student, faculty and community members to create music that acts as a starting point for discussion within the community; musicians, visual artists, and digital designers are affiliates of the Justice Arts Collective,” stated Alan, “I’m most grateful for JAC widening the horizon of my cultural competence.”
The performance was electrifying even though there were no electric instruments used. The beating of drums and Alan’s spoken word performance was a great addition to the viewing of the music video. “With ‘From Mt. Tamalpais to Fruitvale Station,’ the intention was to have every aspect of the filming process be a way to bring the community together to hold a ritual for resilience in the face of continued state-sanctioned oppression against people of color. I think the spirit of community healing, ritual and the sense that we are stronger together all come through in the video,” Jahan professed.
There were a lot of inspiring films ranging from activism in Pakistan to saving the Sea Turtles on different islands. Brandon described what he felt in 3 words, “Inspired, proud, and challenged.
You can always check out the video, “From Mt. Tamalpais to Fruitvale Station,” on the Justice Arts Collective’s Facebook page.

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