Chabot Artist Gets Miss-credited

The Chabot review is an annual, free publication put together by students showcasing the work of the artistic community. This print-on-demand book is a great way to get yourself out there and network but what happens when you are not credited for your work? Chabot student and filmmaker Dave O’Shea had to tackle this dilemma when his artwork, on the cover of the book, was credited to someone else.

“There’s a fact-checking issue if nothing else, probably an honest mistake but still frustrating to see someone else’s name credited for my work,” declared Dave. He also stated, “I do stand by the product, I do believe in it, it’s a cool thing to give exposure to the Chabot community, but it would be better with the right credits.”

Stephen Woodhams is the faculty adviser for the students who put together the Chabot Review. Woodhams made a brief statement on the issue, “It is not uncommon for mistakes and omissions to be made during the publication process of any publication from a college journal to a national newspaper, which can be corrected in updated versions. The official version of the 2017 Chabot Review lists Dave O’Shea as the cover artist.”

In the midst of the situation, Dave made sure to remain positive and hopeful. “I hold absolutely no grudge with Stephen Woodhams or with the Chabot Review itself. He took full responsibility immediately and was very understanding of where I was coming from. He promised to revise future printings of the book, and said he’d send me a revised copy in a couple of weeks,” replied Dave. “As an artist,” Dave added, “There’s literally nothing more infuriating than someone else taking credit for your work.”

His passionate artwork on the cover was given credit to another individual, whose name is also recognized as head-editor. “The fact that the editor on the very top of the credits page took credit, this is a major concern, and as the head-editor, I would assume this James Carroll guy saw it and did nothing about it before going to print.” The new and updated version will feature Dave O’Shea as the cover artist. The Chabot Review is a print-on-demand publication that features the artwork of Chabot College’s students. Be sure to check one out.

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