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FRESH Plans During Pandemic

With the Bay Area officially ordered to shelter in place one concern on everyone’s mind is food. 

“We will most likely be resuming operations with a grab and go distribution model after and-or if the shelter in place is removed” Said FRESH coordinator Sofia Sanchez-Pillot. “However, nothing is sure as we are waiting for approval from the administration.”

The FRESH food bank hopes to resume activity once the shelter in place is lifted and plans on using a new form of distribution for the month of April. All of their events planned for the month of March have been canceled due to COVID-19.

The FRESH food bank on campus is not the only one in the area there is still the Alameda County food bank. Due to the outbreak, they have said that their sites and times are subject to change and that it is best to call them to get the most up to date information. You can call them at this number 1-800-870-FOOD.

There are various other food banks all throughout Hayward you can find a list of them here, but due to the outbreak information can be inconsistent so it would be best to call them. All of their addresses and phone numbers are listed in the link above.

Covid-19 Cancellations

With the classification of COVID-19 as a worldwide pandemic, tons of major events and sports seasons have been canceled or suspended.

One of the first big suspensions was the NBA (National Basketball Association) season. March Madness has been canceled as the NBA announced at least a month-long suspension for all games. 

Shortly after the NHL (National Hockey League) and the MLB (Major League Baseball) followed the example of the NBA and suspended both of their seasons to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Major sports weren’t the only ones to cancel their events as the annual video game show E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo), announced they would be canceling this year’s show due to concerns of COVID-19 spreading. In an official statement from E3, they said “ … We have made the difficult decision to cancel E3 2020, scheduled for June 9 — 11 in Los Angeles.”

A Quiet Place Director John Krasinski went to Twitter to announce the indefinite postponing of his latest movie, A Quiet Place Part 2. “As insanely excited as we are for all of you to see the movie … I’m gonna wait to release the film till we CAN all see it together.”

Movie premieres such as A Quiet Place part 2, Black Widow, Mulan and No Time To Die have all been postponed some with later dates and others with no foreseeable release date. 

Most major movie theater chains have closed down in accordance with quarantines. Along with bars and bowling alleys. Almost all extra entertainment events and establishments have closed down to help slow the spreading of the virus.

Various other events and gatherings have been canceled, postponed or suspended in fear of spreading COVID-19. To keep track of major event cancellations check

The Invisible Man Review

The Invisible Man is a rated-R Scooby-Doo episode with poor CGI.

This was an entertaining movie if you don’t think about it too much. The closest thing I can compare it to is Scooby-Doo with its use of plot twists and shock factor.

The movie starts off at an awkward spot where the main character Cecilia Kass(Elisabeth Moss) is running away from her boyfriend? Husband? Adrian Griffin(Oliver Jackson-Cohen).Cecilia is shown sneaking around the house and messing with Adrian’s drink while he is asleep then she runs off into the woods to get picked up by her sister Emily.

Adrian is immediately said to be this super smart guy who started up his own tech company and apparently makes enough money to have anything and anyone he wants. It is also quickly established that he was super manipulative and abusive towards Cecilia to the point where she ran away.

Two weeks after she runs away it is reported that Adrian committed suicide and has left a lot of money for Cecilia. Cecilia was terrified of this guy to the point where she refuses to step outside and goes to stay with her sister’s friend? Boyfriend? I guess their relationship wasn’t relevant enough to tell the audience.

Now there was no real establishment of Adrian’s genius, just mentions of how he is a prominent figure in the tech world. It is just meant to be assumed by the massive seaside home with the super high tech lab underground, and a shot of a wall filled with certificates and degrees.

Throughout the film, Adrian is running about in his invisible suit ruining Cecilia’s life and haunting her at the same time. 

The biggest issue with this movie is the inconsistency throughout the film. One of the things used as evidence against Cecilia was security footage of her running away from seemingly nothing. 

Later on, when Cecilia is blamed for killing her sister in the middle of a high-end restaurant the idea of checking security tapes is never even mentioned because if they did they would see the floating knife. 

Shortly after the incident at the restaurant Cecilia is arrested and Institutionalized for her sisters murder. It is now when she finds out Adrian was only pretending to be ignorant to the fact that Cecilia was taking birth control pills. In reality he knew the whole time and was switching them out and now Cecilia is told that she is pregnant and she knows the father is Adrian.

This is where Adrian’s brother steps in again to talk with Cecilia about her finances as her “lawyer” in reality he is just there to confirm the audience’s hunch that he was working with his big bro the whole time.

While in her room Cecilia comes up with this plan to pretend to kill herself so that she could confirm Adrian’s presence. Lo and behold as soon as she stabs her wrist the invisible man tries to forcibly stop her. Cecilia Manages to stab him a few times with the pen she stole from the bother making the suit malfunction revealing his presence. 

Now this next part is the one part I thought was super cool. Guards come rushing to all the commotion and to briefly see the malfunctioning suit and this short sequence of the invisible man taking out all these guards starts. The choreography for this part was pretty well done and the fights were dope. Just seeing the fear the officers face when his own firearm is turned on him, is great. 

The invisible man then escapes the facility with Cecilia following because he had threatened one of her friend’s children. Cecilia just barely makes it intime to stop him from completely killing the kid. She uses a fire extinguisher to mark him and then proceeds to put several bullets into him effectively killing him.

Now this is where it gets super Scooby-Doo. As she goes to take off the mask, guess who, it’s the little brother and not Adrian. 

Then to the public Adrian is found hidden behind a wall in the basement of his mansion. He claims his little brother was his abuser who manipulated him his whole life. 

Cecelia determined that this was all just set up and that Adrian was and is the invisible man who has been tormenting her these last weeks. She tries to share this with the officers and her friend who still doesn’t believe her.

Cecilia now sees that no one is going to help her so she needs to end it herself. She pretends to go back to Adrian for a dinner date when in reality all she is trying to do is get a confession from him. He knows she’s wired so he says the one thing that will confirm it for her but wont hold in court. With that Cecilia steps off to the restroom. 

Once Adrian begins to grow tiresome waiting for her his throat is slit. Cecilia had gone back to their mansion earlier on in the movie and discovered another suit and hid it in the house. So now she went and used the suit to kill adrian. 

The movie ends with Cecilia carrying the second suit in a bag that is not closed and her cop friend noticing it but for whatever reason he lets her keep it and pretends he doesn’t know that she just killed Adrian.

In short this movie was fun to watch if you turn off your brain and go for the ride.

Chabot Film Festival

Chabot is holding its 2nd annual Film and Animation Festival this April 29. 

Last year was the first film festival held by the Digital Media Arts program. They planned on making it an annual event.

The Festival is put together by Professor Ismail Mumtaj, who has been teaching Film at Chabot for three years now. The first semester she taught here, there were no film courses, and they were introduced later in the Spring of 2018 along with Animation courses.

In an interview with Mumtaj, she said: “We are trying to build a community here so that people can come and meet other people involved in film and talk about it.”

The event is going to be three-days running Wednesday, April 29, to Friday, May 1. Although the week before, they are going to have a series of guest speakers at the Gallery in building 1000.

On the first day of the festival, they are going to be screening documentaries at Stage One in building 1200. On the second day, there will be a guest visitor, who is an animator from Los Angeles, talking in the Gallery. They will be showing the films that were chosen to be a part of the show Friday evening with a reception to follow. 

Lastly, Professor Mumtaj had wanted to leave the community with these words “come to get involved, submit your content even if you’re not involved with our film program. You could even be a student at another institution.”

The last day for early submission is March 5, and the last day for late submission is March 19.

New Home for the Fresh Food & Life Pantry

Fresh is a volunteer ran food pantry that has now officially got a permanent home on the Chabot campus. They have been allowed to set up shop in the portable 3300 building. 

After operating as a pop-up for about two years, the school finally come to the realization that it would be beneficial for both the campus and the community for Fresh to get a permanent location on campus.

The push to claim a home on campus has been one that was brought up in recent months. Still, they have known since the beginning that they wanted to establish a spot on campus where community members could get free food. “In the last few months, we have been trying to secure a space on campus,” said Fresh Lead, Sofia Sanchez-Pillot.

The pop-up pantry acted as sort of a test to see the need in the community. They would occur twice a month as a “farmers market” style pantry. All the food at these pantries is for students, community members, and faculty members.

“We get all of the food from the local food bank, the Alameda County community food bank,” says Sanchez-Pillot. They have established a sort of mediator role between the Chabot community and the Alameda County food bank.

The main point that Fresh member Jenny Marenco wants the readers to take away from this article is that “you don’t need anything, it’s free, for everyone.” That’s something that can be super convincing to everyone, all the food is free, and there are no requirements to come and partake.

A key aspect of Fresh is that it was started purely by volunteer work and was student-run. Now they are fortunate enough to hire a lead and six student assistants. Although a lot of effort and work even now is still done by volunteers. 

“We added a question to the sign-up form asking ‘would you like to volunteer in the future,” says Sanchez Pillot-Saavedra. “We usually have a list of 500 people who have shown interest in volunteering to help.” 

The portable they just moved into is still being worked on so that they can make it feel more welcoming and have utilities such as a fridge to store meats and shelving to organize more foods. 

Keep an eye out for Fresh and when they finally open up in their new location.

San Francisco Giants Hire First Female Manager

With the addition of Gabe Kalper as the new manager, the SF Giants also hired the first female coach in Major League Baseball, Alyssa Nakken.

According to KRON 4, Nakken, a former softball player for Sacramento State University, has now become the first full-time female coach on a major league staff.

In 2014 she began working as an intern with the Giants in Baseball operations.

In an interview with KRON 4, Kapler said: “Alyssa and Mark are highly respected members of the organization, and I’m delighted that they will now focus their talents on helping to build a winning culture in the clubhouse.”

Mark Hallberg was also hired on as an Assistant Coach with Nakken.

While she is the first female coach in the MLB, another Bay Area team, the San Francisco 49ers made it to the Super Bowl with the first female coach in the NFL, assistant offensive line coach, Katie Sowers.

The Bay Area teams have some strong female representation in their coaching staff, and it is continuing to grow.

Recapping With the Basketball Team

While the majority of the campus was on winter break, the Men’s Gladiator basketball team was still playing hard.

The team maintained a 3-4 win-loss ratio, which brings their current record to a 13-7. They currently average 78 points a game.

Their latest game was in San Francisco and was a devastating loss by 30 points. Their next game is on Feb. 5 at home against Cañada College.

When talking to Coach McMiller about the team’s improvement since the beginning of the season, he said, “I’ve seen improvements with these guys. They are maturing and evaluating things more. They are all growing in a positive direction, and as a team, they have grown together.”

There has been a ton of growth this season compared to recent ones. The accomplishments made this season compared to the last two have been monumental, but there is no reason to stop there.

Coach McMiller said this when talking about how they are doing this season compared to others “Obviously a huge improvement on every level. The last two years we have won 11 games in total, this year we have won 13 with eight more to go…”

After their game on Wednesday, Jan. 29 Isaiah Veal, number 3, said this when asked about what their biggest challenge as a team is, “It’s trusting each other to make forward progress, we need to trust each other more.”

Coach McMiller said this about heading into the final stretch of the season, “Now that we are in the last 3rd of the season, we are trying to polish up things and to get ready for a playoff run. We are in good shape and have been dancing between second and third place. If we continue to strive and do well, we can take second place.”

When asked about the mentality going into these last games, Izayah Talmadge, number 2, said this” We need this one.”

That’s how it is, and they are currently down three games with seven more left in the season. The Gladiators team needs to make something superb happen to end the season right.

Talking with Rashad Faust, number 0, he said that a highlight of this season was seeing that there were a ton of guys who wanted to play, and we got them to play.

Lastly, Coach wanted to end with this “I appreciate the community coming out, and I hope we can grow our community and get them to come and support the program.”

Ad Astra: To the Stars or to the Dumps?

Ad Astra starring Brad Pitt as Roy McBride is set in this dystopian future where waves coming from deep space are disrupting all the electronics across the solar system. The protagonist is set up to be this emotionless guy who split from his wife and is not even afraid of falling from the upper atmosphere. 

The pacing of the movie, for the most part, is pretty slow even the action scenes feel about as slow as the last hour of work. Not that it is a bad thing at all, it is quite refreshing, especially with the oversaturation of fast-paced action movies. 

There is one scene on the moon where some space pirates try to steal their little cart and equipment. The scene was much faster paced than any other part of the movie, even faster than the climax. I’m only bringing this up because it was the only scene where it felt out of pace with the rest of the movie. 

I have grown quite tired of all movies, books, comics, and games doing these massive exposition dumps at the beginning of the story, where the protagonists narrate their entire life story up to the point where we come in. It just feels like lazy writing to me. I would prefer being able to piece together some of the story as it came up naturally in the film.

For Ad Astra, I appreciate that they didn’t do as much of that. The significant bits of background and story came from what was currently going on. Like when we find out that these waves are not only just affecting the earth, but they are hitting both the Moon and Mars knocking out all of their electronics as well.

What this movie does well is world-building. The world that this movie exists in is not an empty or bland one. For instance, when traveling to the moon, it was an option to go commercially, and the flight attendant mentions that it is $125 for a blanket and neck pillow. As soon as Roy stepped off the ship, you can easily spot several chain restaurants and retailers showing that not even the moon can escape capitalism. 

Another stop in the movie was the dystopian surface of Mars. Mars felt more like a military base compared to the moon, where there were commercial flights to and from. There were fewer people and no mention of it being a tourist stop like the moon.

The main environment in this film was aboard spaceships, and they made it feel compact. For a good part of the movie, the protagonist is alone in a spacecraft for a few months, and the feeling of vast emptiness and isolation kicks in.

Chabot student and movie attendee, Jacob Jenkins had this to say about the movie. “I have never seen Interstellar, so I can’t make that comparison, but I really liked this one it felt super atmospheric from the environments and the world it set up was fascinating. Plus, Brad Pitt is just a solid f****** actor.” 

In the end, I really enjoyed Ad Astra. I liked the world-building the shots of open space and the super chill vibe about it.