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San Francisco Giants Hire First Female Manager

With the addition of Gabe Kalper as the new manager, the SF Giants also hired the first female coach in Major League Baseball, Alyssa Nakken.

According to KRON 4, Nakken, a former softball player for Sacramento State University, has now become the first full-time female coach on a major league staff.

In 2014 she began working as an intern with the Giants in Baseball operations.

In an interview with KRON 4, Kapler said: “Alyssa and Mark are highly respected members of the organization, and I’m delighted that they will now focus their talents on helping to build a winning culture in the clubhouse.”

Mark Hallberg was also hired on as an Assistant Coach with Nakken.

While she is the first female coach in the MLB, another Bay Area team, the San Francisco 49ers made it to the Super Bowl with the first female coach in the NFL, assistant offensive line coach, Katie Sowers.

The Bay Area teams have some strong female representation in their coaching staff, and it is continuing to grow.

Recapping With the Basketball Team

While the majority of the campus was on winter break, the Men’s Gladiator basketball team was still playing hard.

The team maintained a 3-4 win-loss ratio, which brings their current record to a 13-7. They currently average 78 points a game.

Their latest game was in San Francisco and was a devastating loss by 30 points. Their next game is on Feb. 5 at home against Cañada College.

When talking to Coach McMiller about the team’s improvement since the beginning of the season, he said, “I’ve seen improvements with these guys. They are maturing and evaluating things more. They are all growing in a positive direction, and as a team, they have grown together.”

There has been a ton of growth this season compared to recent ones. The accomplishments made this season compared to the last two have been monumental, but there is no reason to stop there.

Coach McMiller said this when talking about how they are doing this season compared to others “Obviously a huge improvement on every level. The last two years we have won 11 games in total, this year we have won 13 with eight more to go…”

After their game on Wednesday, Jan. 29 Isaiah Veal, number 3, said this when asked about what their biggest challenge as a team is, “It’s trusting each other to make forward progress, we need to trust each other more.”

Coach McMiller said this about heading into the final stretch of the season, “Now that we are in the last 3rd of the season, we are trying to polish up things and to get ready for a playoff run. We are in good shape and have been dancing between second and third place. If we continue to strive and do well, we can take second place.”

When asked about the mentality going into these last games, Izayah Talmadge, number 2, said this” We need this one.”

That’s how it is, and they are currently down three games with seven more left in the season. The Gladiators team needs to make something superb happen to end the season right.

Talking with Rashad Faust, number 0, he said that a highlight of this season was seeing that there were a ton of guys who wanted to play, and we got them to play.

Lastly, Coach wanted to end with this “I appreciate the community coming out, and I hope we can grow our community and get them to come and support the program.”

Ad Astra: To the Stars or to the Dumps?

Ad Astra starring Brad Pitt as Roy McBride is set in this dystopian future where waves coming from deep space are disrupting all the electronics across the solar system. The protagonist is set up to be this emotionless guy who split from his wife and is not even afraid of falling from the upper atmosphere. 

The pacing of the movie, for the most part, is pretty slow even the action scenes feel about as slow as the last hour of work. Not that it is a bad thing at all, it is quite refreshing, especially with the oversaturation of fast-paced action movies. 

There is one scene on the moon where some space pirates try to steal their little cart and equipment. The scene was much faster paced than any other part of the movie, even faster than the climax. I’m only bringing this up because it was the only scene where it felt out of pace with the rest of the movie. 

I have grown quite tired of all movies, books, comics, and games doing these massive exposition dumps at the beginning of the story, where the protagonists narrate their entire life story up to the point where we come in. It just feels like lazy writing to me. I would prefer being able to piece together some of the story as it came up naturally in the film.

For Ad Astra, I appreciate that they didn’t do as much of that. The significant bits of background and story came from what was currently going on. Like when we find out that these waves are not only just affecting the earth, but they are hitting both the Moon and Mars knocking out all of their electronics as well.

What this movie does well is world-building. The world that this movie exists in is not an empty or bland one. For instance, when traveling to the moon, it was an option to go commercially, and the flight attendant mentions that it is $125 for a blanket and neck pillow. As soon as Roy stepped off the ship, you can easily spot several chain restaurants and retailers showing that not even the moon can escape capitalism. 

Another stop in the movie was the dystopian surface of Mars. Mars felt more like a military base compared to the moon, where there were commercial flights to and from. There were fewer people and no mention of it being a tourist stop like the moon.

The main environment in this film was aboard spaceships, and they made it feel compact. For a good part of the movie, the protagonist is alone in a spacecraft for a few months, and the feeling of vast emptiness and isolation kicks in.

Chabot student and movie attendee, Jacob Jenkins had this to say about the movie. “I have never seen Interstellar, so I can’t make that comparison, but I really liked this one it felt super atmospheric from the environments and the world it set up was fascinating. Plus, Brad Pitt is just a solid f****** actor.” 

In the end, I really enjoyed Ad Astra. I liked the world-building the shots of open space and the super chill vibe about it.