Extra Ordinary Withdrawal

On Monday, March 30 the Chabot put out a statement saying that extraordinary withdrawal for classes would be going into effect.

They had stated that the withdrawal will be effective starting on March 16th, and if you dropped any classes prior to that date it won’t qualify.

There is no approval system so all you need to do is apply and you can access it from CLASS-Web.

“I’m happy that the school decided to give students the option of the extraordinary withdrawal,” says Maxine Anguiano. “I’ve seen many complaints from students that they decide not to do online classes for a reason.”

In the email It stated  “Students’ academic standing will not be affected.” Course repeatability will not be affected.

There is also the possibility for a refund on enrollment fees and nonresident fees, but not for fees such as the parking pass, student representation fees, student activity fees, and health fees.                                            

“I mean it’s great knowing that if they switch to online is too rough for my physics class I can leave basically whenever,” says Chabot student Gabe Peña. 

The last day to apply for extraordinary withdrawal will be the last day of instruction, which is the week before finals. 

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