Chabot Clubs Adapt to Closed Campus

As the college campus remains closed, Chabot’s student clubs have adapted to the situation.

Many clubs are hosting online meetings through Zoom at the usual meeting times. Some have found creative ways to use the service.

Umoja Black Student Union (UBSU) hosted a Zoom study hall. Ukulele Club practices their songs over Zoom. My Sister’s Keeper watched a movie together. However, Animation Club prefers to discuss the movies as they watch, which is difficult on Zoom, so they have had to suspend that activity.

“This predicament came to us like a slap in the face,” said Sammy from Animation Club. “It is sad to not interact with the other members…”

Animation Club members instead post film suggestions for each other on the club’s Instagram page. Other clubs use Facebook, group chats, email, or email newsletters to keep in touch.

“We are trying to stay connected and safe by staying sheltered,” said Kyundre Nelson, UBSU Media/Marketing Officer.

On-campus events have shifted online whenever possible. Dreamers Club hosted an entrepreneurship guest speaker as a webinar. CARP (Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles) has rebranded its IGNITE guest speaker series as ZOOMNITE.

However, not everything works online. Indigeneous People’s Club had to postpone its film festival and cancel its end of year picnic. M.A.D.E. (Machinists, Artists, Designers, Engineers) cannot work without access to the labs. The Engineering Club and Architecture Club also depend on campus resources.

Baile Excelencia had to cancel its “unity show” in April with Chabot’s musical groups. Dance practices, which were normally two or three times a week, had to be canceled.

The group is especially disappointed because many of its senior members, who founded the club two years ago, will be unable to perform in their last semester at Chabot before transferring.

“[W]e do what we have to do to keep the baile and energy alive,” said Michelle Moreno, Baile Excelencia Co-President, who plans to share new dance steps with members on Instagram.

“Although we are saddened by this news, we felt that we were able to uplift and bring joy to our Hayward community in the many events we were invited to over the years.”

Still other clubs decided it was best for them to not try to meet or do anything until the fall.

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