Project Eats

Food desserts can suck the life out of a community, but one organization is at the front of the war with a secret weapon: children. Educating children about the self-hazard of eating unhealthy is essential, and by providing the space and knowledge, Project EATs is putting the plan into action. Project EATs stands for Eat. Act. Thrive.

The nearest Project EATs collaboration is at Tennyson High School located on Whitman Ave. At the Tennyson High School farm, Project EATs teaches the community how to grow and cook fresh, healthy food. Students who are involved with the farm learning how to grow and cook healthy food and teach others how to live a healthy life.

Growing a variety of organics; fruits, vegetables, beans, are given back to the community. One method of distribution is using the crops during the culinary courses offered to students.

“We will always find a home for the food, given to students and staff.” The extra produce is donated to the Meals of Love soup kitchen. Teachers often bring their students to the farm to learn in the Outdoor Classroom. The Project also provides opportunities for students by supplying work on the farm as a Fresh Crew Farm Intern, SUPER Fresh Crew Farm Intern, or a ProFRESHional Farm Intern. Students can also volunteer on the farm and earn community service credit any Monday or Thursday after school.

Local families can also take part in the healthy initiative; with enough room to supply soil, land, and irrigation for up to 30 families to house their crops. They only ask that you tend to your crops and due to safety reasons you must provide your tools. With a current trend of 10-12 families utilizing the service, you are encouraged to swing by and check it out during regular hours on Saturdays 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.


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