Graduation Season

As the end of May approaches the stress students feel from finals dissolves into excitement to either walk the stage themselves or support their friends and family that are to be graduating this summer. That’s Right, it’s Grad season again and as commencement approaches so do the possibilities for the future. What does your tomorrow look like? Have you put your maximum effort into your educational journey? Whether you have or have not been on top of your game graduation season is a popular time for reflection.

Brian Augsburger EOPS Counselor and Instructor at Chabot College said that he is happy to see many students that he has been able to build relationships with go from not knowing what they want to do in life to finding a direction and drive to accomplish their goals. “There’s a lot of gems here at chabot and the more that we can get to celebrate their accomplishments the better.”

Looking forward to the next chapter of her academic journal Emonie Robinson a liberal arts major with a 4.0 GPA who is planning on transferring to the University of Los Angeles told me that she was really excited for the black graduation ceremony, and although the regular commencement will be more routine she is really excited to be moving forward. I asked her if she had any advice for the freshman class that will be arriving after her departure? “I would tell them to get their student educational plan the first semester so that they don’t take any unnecessary classes that was the mistake I made when I started, and I realized my second semester I could have been ahead a little more if I would have got my S.E.P. done the first semester.”

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