Gladiator’s devastating defeat to Contra Costa

Staff Writer: Michael Sykes

The Chabot Gladiators football team suffered another devastating defeat, this time against Contra Costa Community College. The game took place on September 30th at 1:00 p.m. at Chabot, where they have struggled to secure a victory all season. The final score was 7-23, bringing their overall record to 0-5. The team must regroup and focus on improving their performance in the upcoming games to turn their season around.

Eric Fanene, the coach of Chabot, had this to say about their defeat.“To be honest, we had four starting alignment out today, so that was tough. We are going to have to watch the films. This is a great time for us to have a bye week happen right now. The defense did a great job today with sacks and tackles. We are going to have to revisit the depth chart kind of deal and see if we have the right guts here.”

The Gladiators will not be playing any games this upcoming week, as they are scheduled for a bye week. This means that they will have a much-needed break from gameplay and can focus on rest and recovery in preparation for their next match-up.

In the first quarter, Contra Costa took control of the game with two touchdowns and a field goal, leaving a score of 13-0. Although Chabot’s #43 Marlin Brown had another crucial sack, it wasn’t enough to stop Contra Costa’s.

During the second quarter, Contra Costa managed to score a touchdown. Unfortunately, many of the fans believe the officials failed to call a penalty. However, Contra Costa bounced back and scored a rough touchdown, raising the score to 0-20. Marlin Brown displayed his prowess by successfully sacking the opposing quarterback again, while #4 Douglas Turner Jr (Defensive Back) executed an incredible Tackle.  Moreover, #31 Christian Gonzalez (LineBacker) prevented Contra Costa  from scoring again. By halftime, Contra Costa was still ahead with a score of 0-20.

In the 3rd quarter, Chabot’s offense faced a few setbacks, including an incomplete pass and a holding penalty. However, (#90) Chabot’s Jourdyn Graham, a defensive line player, made an exceptional play, preventing the opposing quarterback from scoring a touchdown. Shortly after, Ian Hocheder (#11), a wide receiver, scored a touchdown – Chabot’s first in two weeks, bringing the field goal score to 7-20. On the defensive end, Eric Johnson (#3), a defensive back, intercepted the ball, securing possession for the Gladiators.

Chabot fought hard until the very end, but unfortunately, they fell short with a final score of 7-23. Even though they didn’t come out on top, they showed great effort and determination. It’s never easy to lose, but they can take pride in the fact that they gave it their all. 

The upcoming game for Chabot is scheduled on Oct. 13 at 7:00 PM in Pleasant Hill, where they will be facing off against Diablo Valley College. This Saturday, they have a bye.

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