Wifi That Works

During the Summer 2017 semester, students were surprised to find a new “splash page” when connecting to any of the Wi-Fi hot spots around campus. Students were greeted with a page that had an accept button. This initiative was meant to clear up bandwidth for many of the hot spots around campus, meaning students could actively choose whether to connect to the hot spots.

The new “splash page” went into effect on May 30, during the summer semester at both Chabot and Las Positas campuses to give students a choice to access the Wi-Fi, hopefully freeing up much-needed bandwidth. The Student Senate of Chabot College and the Information Technology department collaborated on the change, with the Student Senate proposing this new page. Chabot and Las Positas staff both approved and supported the change. Before this change had occurred, students could automatically connect to the hot spots at any time without encountering the splash page

After the summer semester, it seems the splash page has been disabled and has not been implemented for the Fall 2017 semester, but a number of new hot spots have been added to outside areas to improve connectivity. These areas include Cesar Chavez Plaza and the Grand Court, in front of the Library. Now students traveling to and from places can use the campus Wi-Fi efficiently without suffering from being too far from the hot spot.

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