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The Life Goes On foundation is a nonprofit organization responsible for changing lives and providing support for disabled Americans from all walks of life. The founder, a former Chabot graduate, Arthur Renowitzky, has a disability himself, and instead of making excuses, he turned his biggest challenge into an even bigger advantage.

One person this organization had an impact on is current Chabot student, Imani Bullock. She doesn’t have a disability but learning about the LGO project, has changed her outlook on certain situations. Bullock stated, “ I always thought life was more difficult for people with disabilities, but I’ve found their lives to be very similar to mine. Simply by having conversations and getting to know people beyond their disabilities, was a great experience for me.”

I also spoke with another Chabot student, Sara Schillinger, who knew nothing about the LGO project until we spoke about it. I explained what LGO stood for and why it was important to spread the word about it, and Schillinger instantly became excited. She said, “I’m glad I got a chance to learn about this foundation, and I’m glad they are providing resources to help people with disabilities feel more comfortable in their environment.” Schillinger is excited to see this project continue to grow and gain supporters.

The LGO foundation has touched lives in the San Lorenzo community as well. A few months ago LGO released a small YouTube commercial that took place at a local gym, Crunch San Lorenzo. David Rider a Crunch employee stated. “LGO is the beginning of something great and the sky’s the limit when it comes to helping others. I appreciate them for choosing our gym to shoot their commercial and I hope they continue to use their platform for the good of the people. I can’t express enough how much this project is going to change lives, and I’m just glad I got to witness some of it happen. A haven for people with disabilities was much needed, and I’m glad it happened sooner rather than later.”

Arthur Renowitzky went out and set a goal to make a point that people with disabilities work just as hard if not harder than people who don’t. Renowitzky stated, “The thing that inspires me to help people is the fact that after my injury I wanted to turn this negative situation into a positive and share my story in hopes of inspiring others who are also going through a difficult time in their lives.”

For people to learn more about the foundation, you can go to the website and read more about their mission and to join the cause you can sign up as an ambassador at

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