OpenAI Unveils Exciting Upgrades at DevDay

Sam Altman presenting at DevDay for OpenAI. Photo credits to OpenAI.

The long-awaited first annual DevDay by OpenAI announced several new upgrades to their AI models, including ChatGPT, on Nov. 6. in San Francisco. A livestream was accessible to the public through YouTube. 

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman started the conference by stating there are 2 million developers helping develop their API and ChatGPT has over 100 million weekly active users since it was launched to the public. 

“OpenAI is the most advanced and the most widely used AI platform in the world now,” said Altman. 

The hour-long developers’ day presented glimpses of new updates for OpenAI’s products for the general public. 

The biggest takeaway of the newest updates will be OpenAI’s ChatGPT is going “Turbo” as the newest version will be able to process images as prompts, a larger token limit, and customizable GPT models for developers and users to utilize. 

Another big reveal is OpenAI is launching a GPT store for creators and developers to list GPTs. It will be live in late Nov. 

Altman announced there will be a program called Copyright Shield. The purpose of it is OpenAI will pay legal costs for users who are accused of copyright infringement. 

“We believe that AI is going to be a technological and societal revolution. It will change the world in many ways, and we’re happy to get to work on something that will empower you to build so much for all of us,” said Altman. 

Image courtesy of SKYLER GREENE

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