Transfer Day Celebrates Student Success and Support at Chabot College

Students check out the Transfer Day to learn about potential Universities and programs.
Students line up near the building 700 at Chabot College for the Transfer Day. Staff Photographer/Diana Osaulenko

On October 12 the recent Transfer Day event at Chabot College, located outside of the building 700, drew attention to the crucial role of programs like CalWORKs and Fresh Success guiding students through their academic journeys. 

The Transfer Day event at Chabot College featured representatives from a variety of universities, including over 10 CSUs, several UCs, and approximately 20 nonprofit private colleges throughout California. 

The second Thursday of October representatives from various Universities come and are happy to work with students answering the questions about the transfer process.

The diverse variety of institutions showed students a big range of options and information to explore to make informed decisions about their transfer paths. Students need to know they must meet certain requirements according to official representatives from CalState University.

“You must have 60 semester transferable units. You must have the, what we call the golden four; speech, English writing, critical thinking, and college level math. Plus a minimum of a 2.0 GPA. And you’re in!” – explained Carmen, the admission representative  from Cal State University East Bay.

The Transfer Center staff encouraged people to stay on that right path and were willing to do anything that would help students. They fully explained from the beginning to the end the whole process of transfer. 

‘’I would say probably the staff was very helpful. They were showing me on the computer as well, how to manage the website and how to get more information, but they were really kind as well, wishing me luck ‘’, shared a Chabot College student  Esperanza Govea.

Derrica Williams, a Chabot College student, commended the invaluable support she received from these programs. Through the guidance of her counselor Elsa and the resources provided by CalWORKs, she successfully navigated the difficult process of transferring to Cal State East Bay.

Students had a great opportunity to connect with University representatives and ask any questions regarding the education.
More than 20 Universities and programs were presented for Chabot College students. Staff Photographer/Diana Osaulenko

“Chabot has helped me in so many ways. I’m in the CalWorks program. If any students want to come to Chabot, I’ll recommend them to go to the 700 building upstairs to CalWORKs and Fresh Success Program. They have great counselors. They’re going to put you in the right classes that you need to get your degree to transfer so you can be able to go to a university,” – emphasized Derrica Williams, a Chabot College student.

The CalWORKs and Fresh Success programs, located in the 700 building, are here to provide assistance in choosing appropriate courses for students’ chosen fields. Furthermore, they supported a seamless transfer process for students who seek the transition from community college to universities.

‘’Part of my job is to work with the universities in bringing programming or maybe advocating for them to modify some of their policies to make transfers smoother and easier for our students. Another part of my role is working with my team, our team of a few counselors, a few counseling assistants, student employees, to put on events like today’s event, the transfer day fair, and just to be present when students need to talk to somebody from the Transfer Center or maybe make connections with the universities. ‘’ explained the lead counselor of the Transfer Center Frances Fon.

Transfer Day is an excellent opportunity for students to gather information about campus life, financial aid, classes and much more.
Students explore their options for transfering to the Universities and finding the right fit for their academic goals. Staff Photographer/Diana Osaulenko

The event plays a significant role in supporting students at every stage of their transfer journey, from exploration to application, decision-making, and successful transition.The Transfer Day event at Chabot College, held annually, provides a platform for students. It serves as a hub, offering guidance on various aspects such as understanding different schools and programs, housing options, and financial aid. 

Image courtesy of Diana Osaulenko

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