Film Screenings at Chabot

The Film Department had a panel of judges, and they determined what films will be screened at the art gallery on April 12, 2018. All of these films were made by students of Chabot College.

The event itself was quite the spectacle. So many students were there to support their peers. Having a well established graphic designer, Jeremy Butler attending the screening also drew in a crowd. He would stay after the event to answer any questions that provided additional insight into his career.

There were a total of eleven films selected to be screened, and there were four films that were nominated in four different categories. Best in Show, Best Editing, Best Sound Editing, and Best Cinematography.

Winner of “Best in Show” was Zerka Qasemi’s “Mom.” Winner for “Best Editing” was  Janmarlo Lising’s “Society’s Loop.” Best Sound Editing was awarded to, “We’ll Meet Again” by Danny Montenegro. Finally for “Best Cinematography,” goes to “Gone to the Coast,” by Clinton Law.

Despite seven other films not winning any awards, they still managed to keep the audience entertained with their creativity and excellence. “Ducky,” a film made by Clinton Law definitely gave the crowd a reaction when they saw a serial killer running about. It was quite humorous to see a rubber ducky commit these cruel acts.  

“Layla Oh My Love” a film by Yukimi Tateno was a beautiful film that encapsulates love, friendship, and adventure. The film had also showcased what the city of San Francisco had to offer. It was another crowd favorite.

There was another film that could be interpreted as life is quite dreadful, and it’s best just to end it all. That film was “Visual Poetry” by JC. It captured the turmoil of the actor on screen but ended on a good note. Life didn’t end; it only had just begun.

Chabot College is a place in which it unlocks the potential and growth of all of the students here on campus. The film screening that took place had most definitely shown that.

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