The Great Shakeout

On October 19, The Great Shakeout, a nationwide earthquake drill for every student, staff and faculty member took place. It occurs every year around the anniversary of Loma Prieta the earthquake that happened in 1989. According to NBC News, Loma Prieta caused at least 5 billion dollars worth of damage in homes in the city alone. Northern California has experienced one of the most destructive earthquakes. California is no stranger to earthquakes, especially in San Francisco.

The Bay Area has taken no chances preparing its’ residents for earthquake evacuation and shielding. Starting at 10:19 a.m. at Chabot College the great shakeout began. It all started with the staff informing students on the proper way to shield themselves in their location. Professor Jordan Jurich-Weston shared her thoughts about the Great Shakeout, she stated, “I was alive in ‘89 when the Great Earthquake happened so it’s’ good Chabot is getting prepared.” Minutes after 10:19 stuck, a loud fire alarm sounded. As it turned out, Chabot decided not only to take part in the Great Shakeout but to include a fire drill. Students were escorted throughout campus to the nearest parking lot where professors took attendance.

The reality of the situation is that students do not completely pay attention to things that are happening on campus. The few drills that go on campus come as a surprise. When students in Professor Jordan’s Photo 50 class were asked: “Do you know what the Great Shakeout is for?” No one knew.

Chabot College did an excellent job at evacuating. Our campus police and the Hayward Fire Department all made sure the locations were safe and that we were all in the designated area. Remember to take action not only at Chabot College but in your home as well and see what kits and plans need to be designed in case of an earthquake. Be Safe!

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