Vegas Shooting

On October 1, in Las Vegas, NV, a mass shooting took place killing at least 59 people and wounding up to 500. The shooting took place on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino carried out by the shooter Stephen Paddock. It is currently unknown what drove him to commit such an action. The mass shooting has raised the need for security as well as raising personal alertness.

The season for concerts and outdoor events is coming to an end, but the need for security is still at an extreme high. Events such as Rolling Loud, a hip-hop music festival, made sure to amp up on security and stay on high alert. Chabot students that attended Rolling Loud expressed concern for their safety, Christopher Trumpler, stated: “It’s extremely unfortunate what happened to the people in Vegas, but all we can do is hope nobody gets stupid.”

Events such as Rolling Loud, Coachella, and regular concert events list on their sites what is prohibited (such as alcohol, knives, and guns) all in hopes of limiting the desire of chaos.

On October 28, Chabot College is celebrating its’ school spirit and organizing a homecoming event. This event included a carnival, football game, and even a beer garden, which could mean a crowd of intoxicated college students in a crowd. Chabot campus security officer Michael Cook states, “There will be at least 2 Hayward Police officers at the event, especially the carnival as well as campus police.”

If you are deciding to attend large events, use the buddy system, especially if you plan on drinking. Have an escape route put in place in case anything does happen and let someone know where you are. Students are advised to watch out for any suspicious activity. If you do see any suspicious activity alert the security on hand. It’s not about feeling afraid anytime you’re in a large crowd, just be mindful and have fun!

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