Local Fear & Hope

Charlottesville Virginia became the center of attention on August 12, 2017. Unfortunately, it was not for a heartwarming, nor a positive moment but instead resulted in one of the many violent protests that have occurred during Donald Trump’s presidency. Events like these have come to show that racism is still well and alive in the United States, but remained silent to many states especially those on the west coast.

The Bay Area has become a region of California that has remained in shock and awe to the devastating events occurring in the nation after Donald Trump became president; but does this mean that the Bay Area is safe from the racism because of its diversity? Stephanie Moreno from Chabot College located in Hayward states that we do live in a bubble to a certain extent. Moreno claims that “there is a Bay Area bubble to the actual events of racism and events occurring in other states because we live in a very diverse community.”  

Being from a diverse community could create a blind eye or a bubble to the reality that racism does exist in other states and sometimes in our area as well. “I don’t think being in the bay area puts you in a bubble, in fact I think it helps you be more accessible to different perspectives that are surrounding you at all times” states Irwin Perez, a Hermanos Unidos member of UC Berkeley who is active in protests around the bay area, specifically Berkeley.

The Bay Area has become a melting pot of many backgrounds and ethnicities and in a way served to influence change in our area. However, the events like the riots in Charlottesville remain a threat and give courage to other hate groups in all corners of the country. Even in areas close to our homes. In a way, the melting pot kept many of its residents blind to the truths of other states and the rise of racism, but it has also been a source of the positive possibilities when people come together.

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