Gladiators Show Promise but Fall Short in 26-34 Loss to Reedley

The Chabot Gladiators football team lost their first home game to Reedley Community College on Saturday at 1 p.m. with the final score of 26-34. This game is their second loss so far this season

Chabot head coach Eric Fanene said this about the loss, “We improved from last week, but we still made mistakes. You can’t have turnovers on special teams. We gave them a short field, and much of our defense was backed against the wall. We did have some good stops, but they weren’t enough. We’re going to need more discipline. This is the new Chabot. We’re going back on the uptrend.”

Gladiators Cheering On Before Game. Photographed by: Jared Darling

The Gladiators came out strong in the first quarter, scoring the first touchdown in just under 30 seconds. On defense, they made it impossible for the opposing team to score a touchdown and only let them score a field goal, ending the quarter with 7-3.

During the second quarter, Reedley made a touchdown with no field goal, making it 7-10. Gladiators’ offense came back with another touchdown thanks to receiver Carlos Franklin’s taking back the lead 13-10 at halftime.

Reedley scored a touchdown in the third quarter, taking back the lead 13-17. Chabot came through again, though, thanks to wide receiver Manny Higgins, who made a reception leading to a touchdown, taking back the lead,20-17. Reedley scored another touchdown at the bottom of the quarter, regaining the lead 20-31.

In the first minute of the fourth quarter, Franklin ran a touchdown, making it 26-31. Then, at the bottom of the quarter, Reedley made a touchdown, which won them the game, ending at 26-34.

Manny Higgins wide receiver making great touchdown. Photographed by: Jared Darling

Franklin said this about Saturday’s game, “I feel like I played well, but as a team, I feel like we could’ve finished it. The mistakes we made were dumb penalties. I honestly feel like we just got to get back in the gym  and come back and win next week.”

Next week, the Gladiators play at Sacramento City at 1:00 p.m. To watch Saturday games or future Chabot games, go to, and for more information on the Chabot Football team, go to The Chabot website.

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