Chabot College Offers Free Testing Supplies Following Bookstore Closure

With the closure of the Chabot College bookstore on April 25 and the empty school supply vending machines, students found themselves without an on-campus source for testing supplies such as scantrons and green books. In response, the Chabot College administration has devised a plan to provide free testing supplies to students in need.

In an email sent by Norman Buchwald, the Information Literacy and Technology Librarian, he expressed concern about students’ access to testing supplies. “We are starting to get requests for scantrons. And no one here at the Library seems to know of any vending machines put in, and with the bookstore having closed, students need them.”

A faculty member, Jeffrey Tsao, also shared his experience in an email, “I started a few years ago purchasing generic scantron test forms from Amazon … I generally pay for it myself since it’s a timesaving measure for me, and I also stopped worrying about students forgetting to purchase them.”

In response, “The Equity Office purchased testing supplies for students, including scantrons,” wrote Saleem Gilmore, Ed.D., the Director of Student Equity and Success, in an email to the campus community. Details regarding the location and time frames for students to pick up test supplies for finals will be provided in a follow-up email.

In a follow-up email, Matthew Kritscher, Ed.D., Vice President of Student Services, announced a collaborative solution, stating that starting Thursday, May 10, the Library will provide free student testing resources during their normal hours. The supplies will also be available through the FRESH Pantry and Pop-up Pantry in the Student Center and the Welcome Desk in Building 700.

“The Library has very accessible hours and is a logical place for students to receive these free testing resources, so we’re going to pilot this new collaborative service together!” Kritscher wrote.

The free testing supplies at the library’s circulation desk, Pantries, and Building 700 welcome desk will include a variety of scantrons, Glue Books, and number 2 pencils.

The new collaborative service aims to address the gap left by the closure of the bookstore and the empty vending machine. The Chabot College administration’s quick response to provide free testing supplies demonstrates their commitment to student success and equity during the crucial finals period.

Image courtesy of spectator staff

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