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MyPortal is a new system created to not only eventually replace Class-Web, but to also create a central space that will ease finding information. Chief Technology Officer Bruce Griffen stated, “MyPortal is a one-stop-shop that brings together content from different places, most importantly from ClassWeb. With the help of Single Sign-On, students can access multiple content sources through a single login. This means that they don’t have to remember multiple usernames and passwords to access different tools and services.”

When students sign on to MyPortal, they can expect to see links to ClassWeb that are probably pretty familiar. The system will also have links to degree works, zone mail, and other tools that are currently scattered across different websites. The most significant improvement, however, is the login piece. ClassWeb currently uses a small pin number login, but MyPortal will use much more complex passwords, as well as the ability to reset passwords online.

According to Bruce, “MyPortal system’s modernization of the ClassWeb system will serve as a stepping-off point for additional changes that institutions plan to make. These changes will be phased in, making it easier for students, faculty, and staff to adapt to the new system.” Bruce also explains how much more accessible this system will be for students. “With a card-based design and better organization, students can unpin unnecessary cards from their dashboard, resulting in a less imposing system with fewer links to navigate. Additionally, MyPortal sits on top of ClassWeb, allowing students to pick out content in different places, making it much more organized.”

As mentioned above, MyPortal will introduce a new system of digital cards. Cards are individual areas of relevant content. They are customized based on the student’s home campus location and enrollment. These cards will be customizable and consist of ​​showing grades, class schedules, and other tools that students currently have to log in to access. MyPortal will also have direct logins to zone mail, making it easier for students to access their email. The design of MyPortal was a collaborative effort between the institution and the service provider. 

While MyPortal is a new system for students, it isn’t completely built from scratch. The university licenses the software from a company called Lucian, which also makes the student information system. The design process involved a team of people who determined what should be on each card and what cards should be available, drawing inspiration from other universities’ systems.

MyPortal is a significant upgrade to the current ClassWeb system. It provides a more organized and accessible platform for students, faculty, and staff to access the tools and services they need. MyPortal is also a step towards a more connected and efficientacademic institution. MyPortal promises to make academic life easier for everyone. MyPortal will be available soon, check your emails for access.

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