Did You Know That Chabot TV Has an App?

Chabot has an app where students can watch programs produced, written and directed by MCOM students on campus including the news.  The app launched March 2023.  You can stream the channel 24 hrs seven days a week. 

To watch the app on Samsung and Apple phones all you must do is 1) download the free Cablecast app.  2) Once you open the app, scroll until you see  Community Media Center / Chabot TV, and lastly 3) Tap on it  Once you open it you will have access to Chabot news, TV shows and their 24hr streaming channel. The app is only available on tv through Roku. Download the Chabot TV app from the Roku app store. 

“The company that makes our server gives us free software called Cablecast that goes on Apple TV, Roku, Firestick and all the Samsungs and Apple phones. When you download the Cablecast app you got our account 24/7.” Says Sujoy K. Sarkar Chabot, TV station and app general manager. Cablecast is an app where you can watch local news and shows on the go.

Chabot TV app has been in the works for years. “We’ve been working on it (the app) for a long time and it’s always been a streaming project for over a year. We’ve been on air for almost a decade, but having our own app is something that is really brand new.” Says Instructor Tom Lothain who teaches television, newspaper, journalism, and radio courses on campus. 

The TV studio was founded in 1967 just six years after Chabot College had just been established 1961. Sakar has been working with Chabot TV since 1973. 

On TV you can stream the Chabot TV app only on Roku TV. “We decided that we should try Roku first for our own branding, because as a cable company, the company that makes our server gives us free software (Cablecast).” Says Sakar.

The app and the streaming services provide every Friday and Saturday night they provide horror films, something like a creature feature . where the host is hosting a classic horror film with a spooky background and theme. The app also includes news, 10 to 15 local Chabot student TV Shows. 

“I’ve heard about the app. I haven’t downloaded it yet, but I will.” Says Tom Lorentzen, the host of Interesting People, a show that broadcasts meeting interesting people from around the world and sharing their stories. The show is also on the app.

It’s great that the campus has their own TV app where students can watch other student contents, news and learn more about the activities on campus. “I Knew Chabot had a TV Station but not an app. Sounds interesting. No other colleges I know of have a TV app.” Says student Aiki Chamberlin.

“It’s amazing how Chabot has their own TV app. I don’t think any college in America has that and that’s great for our campus.” Says student Cornell Preston.

The inspiration of creating the app was strategized to make more students come on campus and intake the MCOM classes that Chabot have to offer. There are many amazing MCOM courses this campus has to offer and one of them is TV. Sujoy expressed, “We need more students to apply at Chabot so I figured. This is just 1 way of getting students interested in enrolling in Arts and Media classes. The hardest thing is to get a platform to show their programs and movies! This platform gives them the same chance by allowing them the same platforms. All we need now is to notify people that it exists.” 

This app is a perfect strategy for MCOM students who created their own content show to watch it. No other college in the world has the advantage of having their own TV App. There’s only 15 shows on the app but it’s enough to motivate more MCOM students to watch and create their own shows. Not only students, but other college campuses can soon one day have their own TV app.

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