Chabot College Football

The Chabot College men’s Football team finished their 2022 season with a disappointing record of 2-8. Many of the players expressed their sadness about how the season unfolded.

Despite a disappointing season, head coach Eric Fanene was still satisfied with his player’s continuous development. “This season, we put in a new offense and defense, so obviously, there is going to be a learning curve. We definitely got better on both sides of the ball. We built on our success and worked better. Obviously, it didn’t reflect on our record, but the main thing in junior college football is to allow our guys to move on from here. 

Eric continues, “We hang our hat on putting the athletes first and winning second. We’ve had a lot of coaches come to recruit our players here. One of our players, Esa Pole, is one of the state’s top OL (offensive-line) recruits. He has offers from Cal Berkeley, Washington State, Nevada, Fresno State, and BYU.”

Coach Eric states that some improvement for next season could be to tweak the roster a bit, considering that the senior class will be graduating from Chabot. Perhaps recruitment from local Bay Area High Schools may come in handy. “We’re recruiting players year-round. Especially now at the end of the season when we go harder and look for new players to add to the roster.”

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