Phillip Antwine: The Podfather

Hayward native and Chabot Community College student Phillip Antwine is as knowledgeable as they come when it comes to wrestling. Phillip has been watching pro wrestling for 15 years now and started following amateur wrestling in 2012 when he was a Junior in high school. He currently is sharing his knowledge with young wrestlers at Mt. Eden high school where he has been a wrestling coach for 2 years.

When asked if he has led students to winning titles, Phillip said, “Not me necessarily, the other coaches have more experience than I do, but I yell stuff too.”

With regards to his coaching career, Phillip is unsure if he wants to continue down that path. “It’s up in the air whether I’ll go back next season or not,” he said.

Phillip also addressed his plans for pursuing a career as a pro wrestler, “I went to try out to be a pro wrestler when I was 17. I think that I’ve kind of lived out that fantasy.” Phillip wrestled throughout his high school career where he had a record of 11 wins and 12 losses.

Phillip’s main focus right now is on his podcast Bullet Cast where he discusses the essential topics in the wrestling world. His main focus is on the popular company World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) as well as other pro wrestling companies.

People can listen to his podcast at a wide variety of places: iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher, TuneIn, Google Play, iHeartRadio, 99.9FM KDUB in Watsonville, and on YouTube. All you have to do is search “Bullet Cast” in any of these apps to listen.

Phillip said, “I’ve been doing that for 2 years now. There have been 107 episodes, but I’ve done well over 200 podcasts.”

The podcast has been pretty successful and is listened to in many places around the world. “I don’t have an exact number, but the places people listen are, US, Japan, Argentina, Sweden, UK, Vietnam, Canada, and other countries,” Phillip said.

So far Phillip has interviewed 11 different wrestlers, including WWE superstars like Chris Masters.

While Phillip may not have a clear future in mind with his coaching or pro wrestling careers. He hopes to host the Bullet Cast live one-day having pro wrestling legends as well as current pro wrestlers as guests so that people can call into the show and ask them questions.

“I’m trying to be in the same arena as Joe Rogan,” Phillip says. Joe Rogan is a popular stand-up comedian and mixed martial arts color commentator and currently hosts a popular podcast called The Rogan Experience.

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