Regional Training Center Being Built in Hayward

Chabot-Las Positas Community College District teamed up with the city of Hayward to create a world-class facility for firefighters, paramedics, rescue, and emergency response teams. This facility will provide training and education in these many areas.

Chabot College President, Dr. Susan Sperling is very proud of this project as she said in a release, “This is a landmark between a college and a city. We expect this to set the standard for innovation in workforce development by combining the power of education with cutting-edge services in a new state-of-the-art training facility.”

The project will cost 60 million dollars, and construction will be done in the Hayward Executive Airport. It will include classrooms, offices, a training tower, and a couple of other facilities for urban search and rescue as well as different types of emergency response training buildings. If that’s not enough, it will also include a fire station. It will pretty much be like a campus. As reported by the San Leandro Patch.

As Bea Karnes from calls it in her article, the project will be “groundbreaking” and “will put the city and Chabot College on the forefront of creating our next generation of first responders.”

This state-of-the-art facility will as expected be the new home of Chabot’s fire academy.

This is why it is being built campus style. Students in these areas of study would take all of their major courses in the regional training center.

But that’s not all, high school students who are part of the Eden Area ROP (Regional Occupational Program) will also be able to benefit, as they will get to learn about the center and will participate in preparation courses with firefighters.

Hayward Fire Chief Garrett Contreras also showed his excitement, he told the San Leandro Patch, “We are always looking for ways to work smarter and invest strategically in creating a safer, more resilient, and thriving community, it takes creative and visionary partners like Chabot-Las Positas Community College District to make that happen.”

The construction is expected to take 18 months, and the expenses will be divided with the city of Hayward putting in 40 million dollars, and the Chabot-Las Positas College District will put in 20 million dollars. As the East Bay Times reports, construction is expected to be done by 2021, and any revenue generated from the center will go toward the Hayward city fund.

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