Measure T: Protecting Hayward’s Future?

Measure T, to protect Hayward’s future is an increase in the ownership-transfer tax on real estate transactions and the city of Hayward wants its voters to consider adopting this measure in our upcoming midterm election.

Hayward’s Real Property Transfer Tax (RPTT) currently has a rate of $4.50 per $1,000 of property value which is the lowest in Alameda County. Oakland/Berkley’s RPTT is at $15 per $1,000 and Piedmont is currently at $13 per $1000.

If the measure is approved by Hayward voters, Measure T would increase the city RPTT to $8.50 per $1,000 of property value which would be an increase of $4.

The Real Property Transfer Tax or RPTT is paid when you purchase or sell real estate. It’s generally paid as part of the transaction closing costs. It’s the buyer and sellers responsibility for payment of the tax. There will be exemptions in some cases, such as when a property is gifted, donated or inherited.

So now you’re asking yourself how will Measure T affect me and what will the city do with all the funds collected? All revenue would go directly to Hayward’s general fund that pays for essential services. This includes our police and fire protection, fast paramedic response, local libraries, and after-school programs.

Measure T is supported by many Hayward residence and homeowners. The city of Hayward will benefit tremendously. They will use the funds to fill potholes, maintain our streets and keep them clean and free of trash which has been an issue in the recent months. The money could also be used to remove graffiti in our neighborhoods and businesses.

There are some people against Measure T, they believe the City of Hayward doesn’t know how to spend its funds once they obtain them and they’re worried that Measure T will increase our housing crisis by making homes more expensive. Some Residents are concerned that the new RPTT will make it too expensive for most first time homebuyers.

I spoke Justin Moore, Business Major and I asked him what were his thoughts on Measure T and he said that “If the funds are used to improve our communities in Hayward that’s a great thing” he went on to talk about how he would like to see public safety become a top priority of the city of Hayward.

With so much information out their and different opinions, One thing is for sure that when it comes to election time its always best to do your research on each topic being proposed and a way to do that is by following the money trail, check to see who is endorsing the measure and if there are any conflicting factors. Always get both sides of the story if your for something you should check up on who’s against it and why.

Then after you complete your due diligence make your decision based on what fits your beliefs the most. With the election coming up and a lot of major changes being proposed that could really affect and change things in Hayward it puts things in perspective as to how important it is for you to vote, so whether you’re for Measure T or against it, just make sure to go out and vote and make a difference.

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