P. Diddy to Brother Love and Back Again

P Diddy, also known as Sean Combs, has decided once again to change his name. This time, he has decided to be called “Brother Love”, sparking confusion among his fans, annoyance among people who use common sense and outrage among the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) fan base.
On November 6, he announced in a Twitter video that he would no longer be answering to the many other names he has been come to be known by, but instead “Love aka Brother Love.” In his video, he explained further, saying that he feels like a different person. “I’m just not who I am before, I’m something different.”
Unfortunately, this new nickname has caught the attention of fans of the WWE, as it is the same nickname for Bruce Prichard, manager and producer for the WWE. Bruce was not pleased with the rapper’s latest name change.
Due to this, Sean Combs has gone back on his new nickname in another Twitter video, “Due to an overwhelming response from the media and due to not wanting there to be any confusion … I was only joking. It was just one of my alter-egos, one of my alter-egos is Love.”
People have also pointed out that a musician from Nashville also shares the same nickname. Larry Florman, an independent artist, has had the nickname since 2001.
Names changes happen often in the rap industry, such as when Snoop Dogg changed to reggae music, and gave himself the new nickname, Snoop Lion.
Sean Combs currently goes by Diddy, P Diddy and Puff.

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