Know DACA?

On September 5, news spread of Trump’s newest decision to end DACA. For those who don’t know DACA (Deferred Action for Child Arrivals) grants young adults from other countries the ability to work within the states for a limited time.

Recipients of DACA, unfortunately, will no longer be able to apply for renewal. Chabot College is located within the Bay Area where a wide variety of our residents are of Latin or Asian descent. Many, now have concerns regarding their residency.

But what does this mean for our students here on campus? Andrea Cardenas, a freshman at Chabot, states, “Chabot has promised to protect its’ students and stand true to being a sanctuary campus, meaning no information will be released to any federal organization regarding a DACA student.”

Professor Richard A. Harris who teaches Sociology shared his opinions on what students can do. “Make sense of all of this and try to understand how it affects each group; each group should take steps to be political.”

A source from Visa Inc. Diversity team stated, “Trump’s decision will hinder the growth of the people culturally and in the workforce. Who does he think is going to run this country 20- 30 years from now?”.

As for our students, it is not too late for you to get involved and know that there are people in your defense. On October 19, in building 300, Room 354, there will be a Dreamers Transfer Workshop catered to students that are a part of the DREAM Act. Mission Asset and Weingart Foundation has funded $495 for students to renew their status.

Also, Governor Jerry Brown has committed 7 million dollars to support undocumented families. This issue stretches further than just Chabot. This affects the majority of the Bay Area.

Be sure to research when the next protest or petition signing will be held for you to extend your opinion about the closure of DACA.

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