Eden Night Live!

Beginning in July and continuing through October, Eden Night Live has brought families together through music, sports and local vendors in the Ashland area, near the Hayward and San Leandro border.  

After a successful series of events last year, Eden Night Live is making an impactful return with an emphasis on community. RJ “KoolRaul” Navalta, has been putting together these events with the help of volunteers, Deputy Sheriff’s Activities League and the Castro Valley Chamber of Commerce.

While attending the September 8 event, I first noticed a radiant vibe that I could not describe at first, but soon it came to me as welcoming. Children were seen with smiles from ear to ear, running around and playing basketball, or soccer and even rock climbing.

Families gathered around the stage waiting for the Backyard Party Kings to perform an assortment of soulful tracks and oldies covers with a twist of hip-hop. Opening acts included; DJ Tasi from KCRH 89.9 FM and Lyricist, Ray Mon who rhymed and beat boxed at the same time. While jamming out to the performance, I ate some delicious cookies and spoke to an author who was signing her books.

Eden Night Live partners with local businesses and provides a platform for their services by allowing pop-up tents and canopies for vendors to sell their goods.

How did this all begin? During my visit, I was fortunate to ask the man who put it together, RJ himself. He declared, “We want our community to have a space to enjoy each other.” Both locations, last year’s and this year’s, were merely vacant lots with huge spaces dedicated to nothing. “We plan to turn those lots into comfortable, safe, and welcoming environments for everyone. We hope that they return to these areas long after Eden Night Live finishes its series of events.”

Enjoy live music and your neighbors’ company at Eden Night Live’s last events on October 13th & 27th at 16640 E. 14th St. San Leandro.

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