2017 Chabot Homecoming

As Chabot college’s Homecoming football game approaches, October 21, the anticipation is all over the faces of the players as well as the coaching staff. Rumors have surfaced around campus that there will be a homecoming dance and a beer garden!

I couldn’t believe it, so I asked around the school to see if others knew or have heard about these ideas. I had conversations with some players from the team and also some students who seemed interested in the rumors or were excited about homecoming.

Jocquil Veazey, an incoming freshman on campus, is ecstatic to participate in this seasons football games in general. He stated, “I feel good about homecoming. I feel like it’s gonna be a good year.” Veazey also said, “ I haven’t heard anything about a dance or beer garden happening, but I hope one does!”.

Current right guard for the team, Andre Johnson is finishing his second year at Chabot and is prepared to give his all in every game he gets a chance to play. Andre, can’t explain how prepared he is to get back on our home field and not only play but win this year’s homecoming game. He stated, “I honestly feel bad for the team we’re going to face because we’re mentally and physically prepared to defeat them by any means necessary. I can’t wait for the homecoming game because this is the first time I’ll be able to compete in one so I’m really excited.”

It seems that the allegations for the dance and possible beer garden seem far-fetched to most people on campus. Chabot is known to have a very low tolerance for alcohol on campus let alone anywhere near it, so having an event with alcohol seems more like a dream than reality.

I got an interesting perspective on the homecoming rumors from a former student, Kala’i Pokini, who also played for the team. He said “I can’t believe I’m not going to be able to play with the school this year, Chabot was my second home, and I wish luck upon all my brothers while they fight to win every game. I find it funny how they even want to throw ideas out in the open about a party and alcohol once I leave. I hope neither of the rumors happen so that way I won’t feel so left out.”

Another former student from Chabot, Raniyah Stengel, who doesn’t participate in any on-campus activities, said she had no idea we even had a homecoming game, to begin with. Bullock stated, “ It doesn’t matter what they do before or after the game to me because I probably won’t go anyway. I don’t want to hate on the team or the activities that might take place because they do sound fun, but personally, I probably wouldn’t attend them.”

To put all rumors to rest I was able to get in contact with Sharon Deng, the Student Senate VP. Deng stated, “Yes, we are doing homecoming this year. There will be a beer garden but not a dance.” Homecoming raised a lot of hopes and brought up a lot of what if’s. Although we will not be having a dance, we will have a beer garden, and we’ll also have an exciting game to look forward too. It’s only fitting that we put our focus back on the importance of cheering on our fellow Gladiators to lead our school to another victory!

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