MTV Video Music Awards

Award shows often provide us with entertainment and a glimpse into the life of the rich and powerful. Although that is true, MTV’s Video Music Awards and BET’s Black Girls Rock Celebration, also provided insight and value into an array of lives who tuned in to watch their shows.

The VMA’s are known for its mind-blowing performances and celebrities most outrageous yet stunning outfits, but a much bigger issue stole the show. While the Black Girls Rock award celebration didn’t focus on the same issue, it had a similar impact on the viewers of the VMA’s had.

MTV’s Video Music Awards took a serious turn from its spectacular performances when they allowed rapper Logic, Singer Alessia Cara, and singer Khalid to come out and perform a song dedicated to uplift and allow a voice for any and everyone who’s ever thought about or attempted suicide. BET’s Black Girls Rock celebration created a safe place for African American females to be themselves without judgment by allowing women such as Solange Knowles, Issa Rae, and Yara Shahidi to approach the stage, and share their experiences of overcoming struggles and sharing stories on how to deal with self-doubt and self-worth.

While talking with a fellow Chabot student, Brandon Byrd, he told me they both impacted him. Brandon stated, “I can’t say which Award Show I enjoyed more because they were equally powerful, watching them made me second guess some of my own decisions, I hope they both continue to discuss similar topics in the future.”

I had another conversation with a student, Elizabeth Gutierrez. She was excited to share her thoughts with me. Gutierrez said, “ I didn’t get a chance to watch either award show but I read about the speeches that were given at the Black Girls Rock celebration, and I was impressed. I also watched some clips on YouTube of the performances and award recipients. It was enjoyable to see women of color being appreciated and honored.”

Although I wasn’t able to directly get an interview with any of the staff from each show, I did get access to some quotes from a few reporters that released them to the public. Sydney Scott from Essence magazine covered the Black Girls Rock celebration, and after the youngest participant received her award, Scott stated, “ Yara Shahidi calls for black women to own their identities in inspiring Black Girls Rock acceptance speech.”

On the VMA’s, I was able to use a quote from Mark Braboy from Vibe magazine. Braboy stated, “Logic gave the most emotion-stirring performance at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards on Aug 27. With the help of fellow artists Alesia Cara and Khalid, the rapper perfumed one of this most significant hits to date, “1-800-273-8255.” Accompanied by a stage full of suicide survivors wearing white T-shirts the trio made sure there was not a dry eye in the house as they drove his heartwarming point home”.

According to the website,, after his performance, Logic said, “I believe that we are all born equal but we are not treated equally, and that is why we must fight for the equality of every man, woman, and child regardless of race, religion, color, creed, or sexual orientation.” Most would say he did a good job getting his message heard.

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